When will the Foundation be set up?

At the present time, we are looking at all the legal requirements, but the idea is to set it up in 2013. However, we may be able to conclude this process earlier and consequently start beforehand

After taking the decision to change direction, it became necessary to think about the best way to implement the project. It seemed to us that the most appropriate option was to create a Foundation. For many years, we’ve been extremely fortunate in having the opportunity to do that which fascinates us. Now is the time for us to return something to society.

Why become a Foundation?

To do this, we could have chosen to collaborate with charitable organizations, or contribute funds to NGOs throughout the world. But instead, and always with the intention of contributing to society, we decided to create a project focused on creativity that would support the continued emergence of excellence. In other words, to create talent means to create wealth and jobs and to increase the competitiveness of our sector.

What is the objective of the Foundation?

It has two principal objectives. Firstly, to be the archive of elBullirestaurant, both at a physical level (documents, books, objects, etc.) and a digital level. Secondly, it will be a centre for creativity, with the objective of creating and then sharing ideas and findings through Internet

Will the function of the Foundation be solely to create or also to investigate?

Large-scale historical and scientific and research studies will be carried out in Alicia. The role of elBullifoundation will be to create. In-depth, large-scale monothematic work won’t be undertaken there.

Will the Foundation be a school?

No, the mission of the Foundation will be to create. Important Cookery Schools and Catering Colleges already exist, so our contribution shouldn’t be understood from the perspective of teaching. We can aspire to teach how to think, to help in nurturing the imagination, given that the right attitude and mindset are what allow you to create in a positive and advantageous way.

When will the Creative Centre open?

During 2014. However, a specific date has not been set yet. We cannot say if it will be at the start of the year or in mid-year. Everything depends on the progress of the buildings, the final concept and the organizational model.

Why have a Creative Centre?

Throughout the history of elBulli, changes in the organisation and in its philosophy have occurred frequently. These changes represented very important moments in the evolution of the restaurant: the winter closure, the formation of the workshop (elbullitaller), the cancellation of the standard menu, replacing it with a tasting menu only, the prevision of a single service per day, served in the evening…

The present moment must be understood as a point for further change. We believe that the right way forward is to transform elBulli into a Creative Centre. We consider that the restaurant concept, as understood and developed in elBulli, would constitute the ideal field for experimentation for two or three years more. However, we would need another platform soon. The Creative Centre will allow us to create many different scenarios.